Supplemental Health

Where traditional health insurance is focused on paying your medical bills, Supplemental Health products help give you a financial cushion to keep paying all the rest of your living expenses while you or your loved one is critically ill or injured.

These products do so by paying a tax-free lump sum cash benefit to you if you are diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack or a stroke or if you experience an accidental injury.

We offer three products:

Cancer: pays a lump sum on diagnosis of cancer, including cancer in situ.

Heart Attack or Stroke: pays a lump sum on diagnosis of a heart attack or a stroke, plus a partial lump sum for bypass or angioplasty surgery intended to prevent a heart attack.

Accident: pays a lump sum on accidental death or dismemberment, for an emergency room visit or ambulance ride secondary to an accidental injury, and for fractures, dislocations, lacerations or burns.

Please contact us to learn more about our Critical Illness product features.

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