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Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Group presently offers a variety of supplemental health insurance plans within its health product portfolio. 

The Benefits of Owning a Liberty Bankers Medicare Supplement Plan

When it comes to supplementing your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits you have a few options. When shopping for coverage, it is important to understand the differences between your available choices. Medicare Supplement insurance or Medigap plans have unique qualities that make it the obvious choice for many seniors when deciding on healthcare coverage.

  • Predictable costs
  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare
  • Freedom to see any specialist that accepts Medicare without a referral
  • Security of the same benefits year after year
  • Guaranteed renewable coverage
  • Coverage while traveling outside the United States (some plans)

Owning a Medicare Supplement plan is an excellent way to protect yourself from an unexpected illness or accident.

Having the freedom to see any doctor or hospital guarantees you will always receive the best care available. Your upfront cost may be higher than other coverage options; however, once you pay your premium, healthcare expenses are very predictable.

The Benefits of Owning a Liberty Bankers Critical Illness or Accident Plan

Fighting cancer, recovering from a heart attack or stroke, or healing up after an accidental injury is expensive, not just because of the medical bills you might incur, but because of all the non-medical expenses that pile up. You might be unable to work, or your spouse may need to take time off to care for you, or you may need to remodel part of your home to make it accessible for the new you. A family might need to travel to see you and need a place to stay, or you may need to pay extra childcare costs because you or your spouse are tied up at the hospital or in medical appointments. And in the meantime, all your bills keep coming: house payment, car payment, food, living expenses.

Your major medical coverage is going to help with the doctor’s bills – except for deductibles, copays, or treatment not covered – but Critical Illness and Accident insurance is there to help by putting cash in your pocket at your time of need: when diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack or stroke, or when suffering an accidental injury.

Owning a Critical Illness or Accident plan is an excellent way to help protect yourself from the financial devastation that can accompany a severe injury or a dreaded diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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