Senior Management

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Executive Management

Bradford A. Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Phillips has served as a chairman and director of the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since 1999. He has served as President of Midland Securities, LLC, a Dallas, TX based broker/dealer, since 2002. Midland Securities is a NASD and SEC registered broker/dealer that trades in fixed income securities.

Louis J. Corna, Secretary

Louis J. Corna has served as an officer of the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since 2004. Also, he has served as an officer of the parent companies, Realty Advisors, Inc. and Heritage Guaranty Holdings, Inc. since 2000. Mr. Corna and his department maintain the corporate records for the insurance companies and he counsels the companies with respect to tax and legal matters.

Van Vaughan, Treasurer

Mr. Van Vaughan, Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer of the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since July 2008.

Mr. Vaughan oversees the accounting and treasury functions of the companies. Prior to joining the LBLGroup of Insurance Companies, Mr. Vaughan served as Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer in the Addison, Texas office of Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. Professionally, Mr. Vaughan is affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

David D. Vrla, Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary

Mr. Vrla has served as Chief Actuary of the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since February 2007. Prior to joining the LBL Group of companies, Mr. Vrla served as Assistant Vice President in the North American office of SCOR Global Life, the 5th largest life insurance reinsurer in the world.

Eric Johansson, Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Johansson has served as Chief Operations Officer of the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since October 2015.  Prior to his tenure with LBL, Mr. Johansson served as Vice President of Administration for the Puritan Life Group of Insurance Companies and Chief Operations Officer for the Oxford Life Group of Insurance Companies.

Denise Roof, Vice President, Compliance

Ms. Roof joined the LBL Group of Insurance Companies in February 2016.  She has over twenty four years of experience in the insurance industry with experience in legal, compliance, and regulatory matters in the life, annuity, health, and Medicare supplement markets. Ms. Roof has a J.D. from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (now Texas A&M University Law School) and holds seven insurance related designations, and is a licensed attorney with the State Bar of Texas.

Thomas Hayden, Vice President, Investment Strategy

Mr. Hayden has served as Vice President of Investment Strategy for the LBL Group of Insurance Companies since 2007. Mr. Hayden has over 17 years of professional experience in the Investment Management and research.

From 2002 through 2006, Mr. Hayden managed a limited partnership which invested primarily in publicly traded equity securities attempting to maintain a market neutral strategy. From 2000 to 2002 Mr. Hayden acted as Head Trader and Director of Investment Strategy for Huberman Financial. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Hayden acted as Head Trader for the Dallas office of Coastal Securities. Mr. Hayden has a B.A. from Marshall University and a Masters of Business with a concentration in Investments from Marshall University.

Insurance Lines of Business

Mark A. Aremia, National Vice President – Ordinary Life Division

Mark A. Aremia, serves as National Vice President for the Ordinary Life Insurance Division. Mark is responsible for the recruiting and development of the independent sales force representing Liberty Bankers’ life insurance products.

Chris Meredith, National Vice President – Pre Need Division

Chris Joined the Liberty Bankers Group in May of 2014 as the National Vice President for American Benefit Life Ins Co. The Pre-Need division of the Liberty Bankers Group of life Ins. Companies and as Vice President for business development. Prior to Joining the Liberty Bankers Group Chris served as a Vice President for Security National Life Ins. Co. Chris began his career as an agent in 1987 in Louisiana and over the years has served several companies in field management and as an operations director.

Todd A. Stone, National Vice President – Home Service Division

Todd A. Stone has lead our Home Service Division since 2005. Todd began his career in 1989 in the home service life business and his unique experience in this specialized market allows him to manage all aspects of the Home Service Division for the Liberty Bankers Life Group. In addition to managing the existing block of business and providing advice regarding home office policies and procedures, Todd successfully manages the operation of our home service field force by recruiting and training agents in 24 states.

Steven A. Wilson, Executive Vice President – Annuity Division

Mr. Wilson, Executive Vice President Marketing, joined Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company in June, 2004. Prior to Liberty Bankers Life, Mr. Wilson was President of ASI Advisors, Inc., one of the nation’s leading independent annuity marketing and consulting organizations, having generated billions of dollars of fixed annuity premium for several insurance companies since 1991.

Michael D. Devault, Senior Vice President, Product Development – Annuity Division

Mr. Devault joined Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company in June 2004 and has been an integral part of the design and development of our growing portfolio of fixed annuity products. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President of ASI Advisors, Inc., one of the nation’s leading annuity marketing and consulting organizations. There, he assisted numerous insurance companies in the development of their products and marketing administrative systems.

Real Estate and Mortgage Management

Allan Scharton, Vice President of Mortgage Loans and Manager of Real Estate Assets

Mr. Scharton, Vice President of Loan Origination and Underwriting, joined the LBL Group of Insurance Companies in September 2007. Prior to Liberty Bankers Life, Mr. Scharton served as an officer of Banner Bank, Farmers & Merchants Bank, and Team Leader for Imperial Capital Bank. Mr. Scharton holds a Masters Degree from National University in San Diego.

Tina Lowe, Vice President – Commercial Real Estate Loan Servicing

Ms. Lowe joined Liberty Bankers in May of 2010 in the commercial real estate loan servicing department. Ms. Lowe possesses over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential lending, including legal, regulatory compliance and financial regulations. In her role, she oversees the department responsible for loan closings and daily servicing of the company’s commercial real estate loan portfolio.

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