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LBL is the flagship company of our insurance organization. Through LBL and its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Capitol Life (CLIC) and American Benefit Life (ABL), we operate in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Since acquisitions began almost two decades ago, the group of companies has achieved remarkable growth and profitability every year while navigating the challenges of worldwide economic volatility.

The Company has posted steady results, with regular growth in Total Assets, Capital & Surplus and Risk Based Capital, while also returning excellent value to shareholders. Agents and policyholders have come to rely on LBL as one of the industry’s most consistently competitive providers of annuity and insurance products.

We proudly report that 2016 was yet another strong year for Liberty Bankers Life (LBL) and both of its wholly-owned life insurance subsidiaries, Capitol Life (CLIC) and American Benefit Life (ABL).  Through these three companies, we operate in 45 states and the District of Columbia.

Among our companies, there are more than 10,000 licensed independent financial service representatives offering a wide array of traditional fixed annuity, life insurance and health insurance products on a national scale. LBL is stronger and more diversified than ever before.

Products – Our Annuity line of business has been widely recognized as a market leader as evidenced by the volume and stability of our annual sales. Similarly, our well-established Life Insurance Division offers a broad range of competitive life products including Ordinary, Home Service Final Expense and Pre-Need insurance. During 2016, we entered the Medicare Supplement Health insurance line of business in a collaborative effort with one of the industry leaders, Gen Re. With this key diversification effort, we have further expanded our national insurance brand and added to our overall market presence.

Together, the combined effort of these units produced over $300 million of new premium in 2016.

The Future – LBL continues to attract professional representatives and sell quality new business in increasing volumes while searching for opportunities to acquire additional life companies whose profiles and product lines fit within our defined strategies.

The following information is taken from statutory financial reports:

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Assets 951,988,414 1,035,285,685 1,141,378,966 1,356,064,181 1,547,600,575
Capital & Surplus 160,470,237 167,953,460 195,454,747 197,901,595 204,859,075
Net Income 15,151,143 10,310,860 11,526,381 9,011,861 6,559,049
Risk Based Capital 622.33% 738.46% 880.34% 877.33% 917.00%
Total Assets 225,581,249 205,036,218 209,970,421 221,643,654 241,518,428
Capital & Surplus 19,720,796 20,974,940 21,687,742 23,379,573 25,372,363
Net Income 1,892,080 2,074,100 2,725,761 2,234,468 1,974,992
Risk Based Capital 855.23% 1035.95% 1053.22% 887.12% 986.00%
Total Assets 78,184,375 87,243,554 99,673,722 110,809,279 124,408,610
Capital & Surplus 11,342,722 12,970,956 13,289,322 15,123,723 17,283,814
Net Income 222,725 482,994 468,392 1,531,591 1,608,444
Risk Based Capital 1018.84% 1296.98% 1536.58% 1234.80% 1220.00%
Total Assets 1,255,754,038 1,327,565,457 1,451,023,109 1,688,517,114 1,913,527,613
Capital & Surplus 191,533,755 201,899,356 230,431,811 236,404,891 247,515,252
Net Income 17,265,948 12,867,954 14,720,534 12,777,920 10,142,485

LBL, CLIC and ABL are rated B++  (Secure, Stable) by A.M. Best Company, the most recognized rating agency for the insurance industry.

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