Company History

Liberty Bankers Life (LBL) was originally incorporated by Pilgrim Life Insurance Company of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during 1958 as Royal Oak Life Insurance Company.  The company grew slowly and conservatively and developed experience by offering a variety of traditional life insurance products in 40 states.  Ultimately, in 1992, Pilgrim Life sold the company to American Hilton Corporation, a South Carolina insurance holding company.

In 1998 the company was sold to Atlantic Financial Company and was re-domiciled to the state of Wisconsin.  At this time, the company held approximately $5 million in life insurance reserves.  From these modest beginnings, the company first began to market annuity products. Initially, only immediate annuities were offered.  In 1999 the company added deferred annuities to its product offerings, which were well received by the market and resulted in rapid growth of the company.

By the time the company was purchased by Heritage Guaranty Holdings, Inc. in 2004, it had reached $200 million in assets but was selling only a limited number of annuity products.  The company was re-domiciled to Oklahoma and management set out to expand the company’s product offerings and sales force.

In 2006 the company began to market a broad array of traditional life insurance products which include whole life, term life, critical illness, and pre-need funeral insurance. We have over 6,000 agents marketing traditional life products. LBL now offers 13 different annuity products through more than 4,000 agents.  The company markets its products in 47 states and National Underwriter magazine consistently ranks us in the top 100 companies offering annuities in the United States. More recently, LBL began offering supplemental health insurance products, with the introduction of Medicare Supplement products in 2016 and Critical Illness and Accident products in 2018.

Management has also expanded the group’s operations through the merger with its parent company, American Reserve Life in 2008, and the acquisition of American Benefit Life in 2002, Winnfield Life in 2004, Capitol Life in 2007, and Continental Life in 2015. As a result of these acquisitions and steady growth through our life insurance and annuity sales, the Liberty Bankers Group is now a diversified insurance enterprise with total assets exceeding $2 billion and national marketing coverage helping policyholders fulfill their financial planning and life insurance needs.

At year-end 2011, Liberty Bankers Life separated from its former parent company and is now owned entirely by a Texas holding company, Liberty Life Group Trust.

In late 2012, the company reinsured almost $500 million of its annuity business as part of a strategic move to mitigate potential risks that could develop in the event of rapidly rising interest rates.  As a result of this transaction and other initiatives undertaken by management to ensure long-term balance sheet strength and liquidity, A.M. Best upgraded the company’s rating to B++ and assigned a stable rating outlook.

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