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American Benefit Life Insurance Company

Logo_ABL American Benefit Life (ABL) is wholly-owned by Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company. ABL was initially established in 1909 and is the oldest life insurance company domiciled in the state of Oklahoma.  It was purchased by the Liberty Bankers Life group in 2002 and operated as Mid-Continent Preferred Life until 2009 when its name was changed to American Benefit Life. The Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is licensed in 26 states.

ABL has a strategic relationship with Texas Service Life Insurance Company, located in Austin, Texas.  Since 2004, ABL has reinsured pre-need and whole-life insurance business from Texas Service Life Insurance Company.  With this steady source of growth ABL now insures over 15,000 lives in the state of Texas.  In addition, ABL has acted as a reinsurer for other companies by purchasing blocks of pre-need and whole-life business.

ABL is rated B++ by A.M. Best Company, the most recognized rating agency for the insurance industry.

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total Assets 87,243,554 99,673,722 110,809,279 126,980,254 141,118,167
Capital & Surplus 12,970,956 13,289,322 15,123,723 19,855,459 21,781,405
Net Income 482,994 468,392 1,531,591 1,608,444 2,300,471
Risk Based Capital 1296.98% 1536.58% 1234.80%/td>

1219.82% 1144.57%

Capitol Life Insurance Company

Capitol-logoThe Capitol Life Insurance Company (CLIC) is wholly-owned by Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company.  CLIC was established in 1906 as the first charter in the state of Colorado and was purchased by the Liberty Bankers Life group in 2007.  The company is domiciled in the state of Texas and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The Capitol Life Insurance Company markets a full line of life insurance and annuity products in states that complement the marketing efforts of Liberty Bankers Life.  CLIC currently markets its products in nine states and the District of Columbia.

CLIC is currently rated B++ by A.M. Best and is assigned a stable rating outlook.  In their most recent report, Best notes the company’s solid level of capitalization, positive earnings history and relatively liquid investment portfolio.

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total Assets 205,036,218 209,970,421 221,643,654 241,518,428 301,292,822
Capital & Surplus 20,974,940 21,687,742 23,379,573 25,372,363 25,638,244
Net Income 2,074,100 2,725,761 2,234,468 1,974,992 1,047,957
Risk Based Capital 1035.95% 1053.22% 887.12% 986.48% 976.02%

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